Check out what people say about Conscious Loving Retreats

CEO Joseph Bismark

“Because of my work traveling a lot and doing business, I usually get stressed. The breathing sessions I had with Agni helped me with my meditation and I have been practicing this for some time. Agni definitely knows what she’s doing.”

Leslie Hassler

“My life in Manhattan can be very stressful as I am a photographer and work every single day shooting actors, chefs, corporate portraits, celebrities and musicians. When I met Agni, we immediately sparked and I felt an instant connection with her”…

Paul Fisher

“I am an intense person. But during my Prana Meditation with Agni, I don’t know how to tell you but I felt calm, I felt peace. That Prana Meditation on the beach with Agni was so special.”

HannaH Arcega

“I met Agni for the first time back in March when I was vacationing in Hawaii. We had the best meditative practice on the beach… this Prana breathing made me feel rejuvenated, calm and connected. ”

Poonam Soni

“I remember my sessions with Agni were just so fabulous. They managed to remove all my work stress, enjoy and relax. Agni really has a great gift and so blessed.”


Japanese Press Luxury Hawaii

Japanese Press Luxury Hawaii