The Magnificence

Unfold your Spiritual Awareness now

Do you feel the LOVE 💗 ?

I am so joyous to welcome you here! Now more than ever it is my deepest commitment to provide spiritual guidance and direction to as many people as possible. To offer you my personal guidance and spiritual wisdom on daily bases and easily accessible to all.

I have created this Magnificence Membership with the intention of guiding people throughout the world to embrace and deepen their daily spiritual practice. I’m proud to say that my cherished wish to be of service has become a reality for many.

If you feel ready for this transformation in your own life then join our movement.

Open up your true Potential

I created the Magnificence Membership to guide you through unfolding your true Spiritual Nature and establishing your daily breath awareness practices – offering you the constant, live connection so you can feel supported, guided and inspired every day.

Each month I deliver you live sessions, workshops and inspirations easily accessible to you wherever you are on your mobile, tablet or computer.
The Magnificence Membership offers you access to live streamed Breathwork journeys, guided meditations and spiritual practice workshops, unlimited access to live community and library of previous sessions.

Trust and Surrender, Love is your path 💗 Unfold with ease.

Live Your Magnificence Membership is here for you

Online Live Energy Sessions

Each month I lead a live online group Breathwork visualization session just for Live Your Magnificence Members. Whether you want to stress less, sleep, better or feel more energy and happiness in your life, your breath is the gateway to mind and body mastery. It gently unfolds your true Spiritual Being awareness, opening your true potential. Breathe with me & ask me anything!

Weekly Guided Meditations

Short guided visualization meditations to inspire your daily spiritual and breathing practice. Start your week feeling inspired and excited with a personal note from me in your inbox!
Multiple week courses
Join me LIVE in multiple week courses accessible freely to Live Your Magnificence members.


6 week course starting June 15th
Join us LIVE in a 6 week course the VICTORIOUS BREATH as we activate ancient and modern techniques of Breath control to absorb the Universal Energy of Prana; most healing, empowering Energy available to us all and receive a gift of higher resistance to stress, physical endurance, stronger concentration and a complete reboot in your immune system.
Bonus *Free Victorious Breath Manual*

All-Access Pass

The moment you join, you may access our entire library of content, including rare & unpublished footage from many years.

Exclusive Discounts

Get special discounts throughout the year on my digital workshops, private retreats on Maui, Bali, Fiji and the most beautiful islands of the world and extra bonuses on Conscious Loving collections.

Weekly Emails

Join our amazing community to connect with like-minded people, find support and feel good. Share your experiences with inspirational people all on the same journey as you – opening into the Spiritual awareness gently harnessing Universal Energy of Breath and gain access to special appearances of world wide famous authorities lecturing on transcendental wisdom & Universal Truth guiding you on a journey to understand your true Spiritual Identity.


CEO, Joseph Bismark

“Because of my work traveling a lot and doing business, I usually get stressed. The breathing sessions I had with Agni helped me with my meditation and I have been practicing this for some time. Agni definitely knows what she’s doing.”

Leslie Hassler

“My life in Manhattan can be very stressful as I am a photographer and work every single day shooting actors, chefs, corporate portraits, celebrities and musicians. When I met Agni, we immediately sparked and I felt an instant connection with her”