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Live Session 09-01-18
Live Session 09-05-18

I wish to share with you secrets of my eternal beauty.

How I nourish my etheric body with sacred Prana of Universe, rejoicing in sacred divine dance of being a Spirit Soul.

I wish to share with you how Prana is keeping me alive, youthful and nourished from within. I am absorbing all I need through

Pranic channels of my etheric body, rejuvenating my entire being from within.

I observe how all what no longer serves my highest purpose effortlessly leaves my aura, cleansing and releasing with ease.

I wish to share you with you my eternal secrets of ever joyful beauty, come and join me. Breathe with me.


Join me at this private space I have created for you, on a journey to awaken your most precious gift,
your Inner Beauty and let it shine through!

$225 per Session

90 minute individual Prana Energy Healing Session

$150 per Session

60 minute individual Prana Energy Healing Session

Sharing my Light and Energy with you is a blessing I am ever so grateful for! I wish to pass it on to you,
Spirit Soul to enjoy and replenish your energy on daily basis.

Choose a personalized


Release Emotions

If you feel like you are ready to release emotions which no longer serve you in an effortless flow of your Breath.

Powerful Positive Affirmations

If you wish to tune into your energy centers and receive powerful positive affirmations allowing you to open and surrender as the healing gently unfolds.

Powerful New Intentions

If you choose to set up powerful new intensions for your path ahead, simultaneously releasing old patterers of behavior

Surrender Love

If you wish to surrender to Love, as it gently guides you from within.