Kirtan Guest Musicians

Kirtan is a dynamic, sacred music experience, that incorporates the voices of the audience right into the performance.

Kirtan is a spiritual journey, healing you from within on all levels, opening and elevating your spiritual awareness.

Clap, sway and dance together as melody, music and mantra sound softly embraces you into blissful state, emerging you into the universe of transcendental sound.

Drift away into the world of inner peace, joy and endless inspiration as your spiritual true essence trustingly unfolds.


FoReunite, rejuvenate, revive, restart, refresh, rest, rejoice and release
be in one another, smile, breathe, awake, feel, walk, be alive... together with joy
unite in loving consciousness of your spiritual essence, most precious state of being.

You are Spirit Soul, unite with your beloved ones

in loving, spiritual exchange.

Your Maui sanctuary awaits

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Experience healing excellence in peace. Conscious Loving retreats uniting couples and families in joyful loving exchange.

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