Uniting couples and families in joyful loving exchange

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About Our Retreats

Our Conscious Loving Retreats bring you a unique personalized experience of healing and rejuvenation from within uniting couples and families with children in loving exchange of awareness as your inner spiritual essence, most precious true state of being gently unfolds.


Agnipati Dasi
Rayna Harvey
Simon Van Neste
Bo Blinski & Barbara Ann-Bueno


A Very Unique Experience

We encourage you to discover and embrace simple nourishing beauty of the rejuvenating Hawaiian nature.

reunite rejuvenate revive refresh rest rejoice release be in one another smile breathe awake feel walk be alive together with joy… 

Discover Hawaii

Andaz Maui

Profound Healing

We trust most profound healing comes from nourishing and cleansing our existence on all levels.

Living Foods

We believe in the power of plant based, sun produced living foods to cleanse and heal our body, mind and spirit.

Rejuvenation Treatments

We are using exquisite mixtures of essential oils, promoting palpable biological and emotional change in you and your loved ones…



  • 3 days – 5 days – 7 days – 10 days – 14 days 
  • Breathing Prana, Yoga, Cleanse 
  • Additional Treatments
  • Conscious Loving menus of treatments 


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What They Say

Because of my work traveling a lot and doing business, I usually get stressed. The breathing sessions I had with Agni helped me with my meditation and I have been practicing this for some time. Agni definitely knows what she’s doing.

Joseph Bismark, CEO Bismark Group of Companies

I am an intense person. But during my Prana Meditation with Agni, I don’t know how to tell you but I felt calm, I felt peace. That Prana Meditation on the beach with Agni was so special.

Paul Fischer, Famous Modelling Agent

I met Agni for the first time back in March when I was vacationing in Hawaii. We had the best meditative practice on the beach… this Prana breathing made me feel rejuvenated, calm and connected.

Hanna Arcega, Founder of Thermae Advanced Aesthetics

I remember my sessions with Agni were just so fabulous. They managed to remove all my work stress, enjoy and relax. Agni really has a great gift and so blessed.

Poonam Soni, World Class Jeweller

Experience joyful moments together

With a mix of deeply enriching, spiritual and rejuvenating activities!