April is an Earth Medicine Woman, which is the embodiment of her work as an Intuitive Somatic Coach, Ecotherapist, Authentic Movement and Meditation Teacher.

April’s gift is guiding others to awaken the intuitive self and their unlimited potential. To hear their song of true essence that is always playing and to dance with each moment in joy.

Through her own path of deep healing, she came to find that the best medicine is contained within one’s heart and soul. She inspires others to uncover their True Inner Spiritual Nature, through awaking the awareness of Divine LOVE. She facilitates this journey home through a variety of healing tools personalized to each individual, including somatic awareness and movement, reiki, nature reconnection, soul art and sound, and meditation. The foundation for this work is learning to love and honor oneself just as they are and from that place a wellspring of effortless grace and power emerges.

April trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City to become a Board Certified Health Coach then received her Reiki Master Certification in Chicago. Additionally she has completed an Ecotherapy Certification at the EarthBody Institute in Santa Cruz. April has facilitated sessions with over 500 individuals, group and corporate clients. She also specializes in the consultation of corporate executives and management teams to enhance business growth and create harmonious working environments.


FoReunite, rejuvenate, revive, restart, refresh, rest, rejoice and release
be in one another, smile, breathe, awake, feel, walk, be alive... together with joy
unite in loving consciousness of your spiritual essence, most precious state of being.

You are Spirit Soul, unite with your beloved ones

in loving, spiritual exchange.

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