Maisa Thayer

Maisa Thayer, an amazing Hawaiian based Yoga teacher, has studied Yoga and Yoga philosophy from early childhood. During the last 15 years she has been enriching her practice of movement-based Yoga; mixing influences from traditional and modern Yoga schools.  Maisa possesses a rare ability to read energy lines as she is individually guiding her students,  such creating a perfect powerful energy flow through one’s body.

Her Yoga journey began in 2002 when her aunt returned from studying in India and inspired her to practice. In 2010 she got certified in Ubud, Bali at Radiantly Alive 300 Hr focusing on Hatha yoga.  Her classes are influenced by her strong connection to Hawaii and her experiences from all over the world. She loves to share her passion for Yoga in all its aspects and finds inspirations in everyday life.


FoReunite, rejuvenate, revive, restart, refresh, rest, rejoice and release
be in one another, smile, breathe, awake, feel, walk, be alive... together with joy
unite in loving consciousness of your spiritual essence, most precious state of being.

You are Spirit Soul, unite with your beloved ones

in loving, spiritual exchange.

Your Maui sanctuary awaits

+1 808 633 0898

Wailea, HI 96753, USA