Bo Blinski & Barbara-Ann Bueno

The amazing duo of Barbara-Ann and Bo Blinski, based on Maui, Hawaii has a life long experience of opening and managing 5 star Spas all over the World, including Canyon Ranch Spa & Fitness resort in Tucson, Arizona, Grand Hyatt Resort and Spa Grande on Maui, Hawaii, Banyan Tree Spa in Phuket, Thailand, Bacara Spa in Goleta, California.

Their recent project was a remodeling and managing a private estate on Maui; Hale O La Mana Mana turning it into a dream like organic sanctuary of healing and rejuvenation. Barbara-Ann has been a renowned healer and integrated body worker in the healing arts. She is a favorite and life long friend to many celebrities, who have recognized her unique Mana vibrating in all her therapies. Being a Hawaiian priestess Barbara brings Blessings of Aloha with her every touch.

During our Conscious Loving retreat Barbara-Ann is inviting you to experience her Sacred Ritual of cleansing and releasing energies which no longer serve you. Bo invites to take you and your beloved ones on most magical underwater escapade introducing you to his beloved friends, Honu; Hawaiian turtles, he has been nurturing since over 28 years.

Conscious Loving retreat brings you the perfect answer to reunite with your beloved ones through mind, body and spirit experience in a holy dance of loving healing, rejuvenation and belonging.


FoReunite, rejuvenate, revive, restart, refresh, rest, rejoice and release
be in one another, smile, breathe, awake, feel, walk, be alive... together with joy
unite in loving consciousness of your spiritual essence, most precious state of being.

You are Spirit Soul, unite with your beloved ones

in loving, spiritual exchange.

Your Maui sanctuary awaits

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Wailea, HI 96753, USA

Experience healing excellence in peace. Conscious Loving retreats uniting couples and families in joyful loving exchange.

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