Agnipati Dasi

Agnipati Dasi an initiated disciple of a bone fide Spiritual Master Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa Agnipati dasi brings sacred pure energy of Love and Belonging to her teachings, taking us beyond into spiritual healing realms of Love and Grace.

Agnipati dasi trusts most profound healing come from cleansing and nourishing our existence on all levels. Cleansing and nourishing our internal body by healing foods, herbs, pure water and air. Cleansing and nourishing our emotional body by pure Prana and Loving Grace.

She offers most personalized experience to every person as she embraces one with loving kindness, allowing Love and Compassion to flow freely endlessly. Writing her book “ Eternal Truths of Beauty and Soul “ Agnipati Dasi researched profoundly powerful healing effects of plants and how universal energy nourishes our minds and bodies on all levels. Her cleansing protocols come from years of research and experience and her sessions are an experience of Joy, Beauty and Light leaving guests empowered and energized, gaining her recognition of local Maui community as well as international A-list clients.

During Conscious Loving retreats Agnipati Dasi shares secrets of Eternal Beauty, how she nourishes her etheric body with sacred Prana of Universe, rejoicing in scared divine dance of being a Spirit Soul, how Prana is keeping her alive, youthful, nourished from within. How she absorbs Pranic energy through channels of her etheric body, rejuvenating her entire being from within.

During our Conscious Loving retreat Agnipati Dasi invites you to experience her unique workshops of Prana Yoga breathing opening you gently into awareness of breath, allowing you to enter most profound levels of relaxation, accessing subtle levels of energy, nourishing you from within on all levels. She invites you to experience your inner most precious state of Spiritual Being, where everything begins.


FoReunite, rejuvenate, revive, restart, refresh, rest, rejoice and release
be in one another, smile, breathe, awake, feel, walk, be alive... together with joy
unite in loving consciousness of your spiritual essence, most precious state of being.

You are Spirit Soul, unite with your beloved ones

in loving, spiritual exchange.

Your Maui sanctuary awaits

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Experience healing excellence in peace. Conscious Loving retreats uniting couples and families in joyful loving exchange.

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